About Eva Re-Source, the sustainable fashion revolution

Empowering creatives and designers
who adore beautiful textiles

Wool gabardine fabric in green with pantone reference, still life

Knowledge and passion for fashion and textiles.

Eva Re-Source was born from experience.

As seasoned experts in the field, we’ve worked with international brands and designers. We’ve noticed their struggle to access high-quality fabrics within a limited budget and time.

So, we created a safe space for them, offering authentic and prestigious couture fabrics from high-end international makes, available immediately and in small quantities.

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Our Philosophy


A wide variety of fabrics in stock selected by the most famous fashion brands


We believe in a circular fashion model to revive unique pieces of fabric


For over 70 years we have been suggesting the most suitable fabrics for your project for a flawless result


Designed for designers and creatives who believe in the importance of sustainable fashion

Deadstock Fabrics and Circular Creativity

Our ethos is clear.

At EVA re-source, we specialize in deadstock fabrics that are of superb quality. We believe fabric doesn’t expire and can gain a second, third, or even fourth lease on life.

Our Circular Creativity Principle drives us to reduce textile waste
by upcycling, recycling and repurposing.

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italian warehouse deadstock fabrics